Bipolar: A Manic Depressive Illness

bipolar_manic_depressiveIn this film six people who have bipolar disorder, also known as manic depressive disorder, discuss the effect that it has had on their lives and they teach how to manage this serious condition. The video was produced in consultation with Professor Philip Mitchell, director of the Mood Disorders Unit at Prince of Wales Hospital, and Dr Meg Smith who is president of the NSW Association for Mental Health and who herself has manic depressive disorder both Dr Smith and Professor Mitchell appear in the video.

Traditionally, bipolar disorder has been treated primarily with medication such as Lithium, anti-psychotics, anti-depressive and other classes of drugs for anxiety. While medication remains the centerpiece of treatment there is increasing awareness among consumers and health professionals that treatment requires a combination of medication, counselling, attention to early warning signs of relapse and sensible and informed lifestyle choices. With careful attention to all of these things the outlook for people who have manic depressive illness is optimistic. The people appearing in this video address all these aspects of an integrated approach to staying well.

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