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The Order Of Death

The Order of Death picks up where Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove leaves off. This new work exposes the connections between the Bohemian Club and Skull and Bones and other occult secret societies. Jones explores the roots of the Grove and its links to

Secret Societies

From the Freemasons to Yale’s exclusive Skull and Bones, this is a penetrating look at the enigmatic world of SECRET SOCIETIES. What do 13 signers of the Constitution and 15 presidents have in common with Duke Ellington and Mozart? All of them along with

Vatican and America

Vatican and America is a secret access documentary that explores  the power of the Vatican church and its rise to world domination. This is a secular documentary and it clearly demonstrates that this power is fulfilling bible prophecy. Soon to control the NWO…

Take Back Your Power

Take Back Your Power takes us on a journey of revelation and discovery, as we question the benefits and risks of “smart” meters and grid technology… and corporate practices to tap private information and erode our rights in the name of “green”. What you

The Soul Travelers

Michael Wynn’s “The Soul Travelers” reveals the truth about mythology, the spirit world, magic, Satanism, and the Illuminati. This documentary reviews repeating themes in mythology and tales of ancient man. Then the video discusses the details of the spirit world, chakras, demons, and angels.