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Italian Renaissance

Presented by Peter Weller. The great roman empire has collapsed, ending its period of domination. Italian merchants rise up to run cities. Wealth bought power, new art, and architecture as cities grow. Modern culture has said to begin, born of the Renaissance. This period

Loaded For War

A look at the role played by the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company (AT&SF) during World War II. After the attack on Pearl Harbor all available steam and diesel locomotives were urgently pressed into action to assist with America’s war efforts including

The Great Moghuls

The Great Moghuls (1990) is a Channel Four Television documentary series covering the dramatic story of the rise of the Moghul Empire (1526-1857) of India. Over six generations, from father to son, the Great Moghuls captured, consolidated and profoundly influenced control of the vast

We Are Still Warriors

The Assyrian history begins around – 2100, in the northern Iraq today, the most direct route between the Upper and Lower Mesopotamia, borrowed by exchanges between Sumer and Akkad and the rich mining regions of Kurdistan , Armenia and Anatolia. Ashur is the object