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Animals Like Us: Business

This installment of the series Animals Like Us focuses on the “business” or “mutual aid” relationships between species. The audience is spectator to the methods utilized in nature to obtain things such as camouflage, nesting grounds, and food sources. By studying intimate interactions that are both symbiotic

Raptor Force

Take flight on an exhilarating ride with elite winged predators in Raptor Force. Humans have had a unique relationship with raptors, nature’s aerial killing machines, for more than four thousand years, first through the ancient sport of falconry, and, more recently, as scientists and

Swamp Tigers

Only recently do we have footage of these Bengal tigers. This multi- award winning film documents the life of the most elusive of cats, the royal Bengal, or ‘swamp tigers’ of the Sundarbans. Mike Herd’s painstaking dedication resulted in a mesmerizing film, which shows