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Singularity Or Bust

In 2009, film-maker and former AI programmer Raj Dye spent his summer following futurist AI researchers Ben Goertzel and Hugo DeGaris around Hong Kong and Xiamen, documenting their doings and gathering their perspectives. The result, after some work by crack film editor Alex MacKenzie,

The Power of Thought

For many generations, researchers have been trying to unravel the nature of human thought.“I think, therefore I am” – but, what are thoughts? Just some fleeting void? Or a huge and as yet scarcely researched secret of life? Plan, act, react – what lies

Ancient Knowledge

Sacred Geometry, Ancient Technology, Spirituality, Consciousness, Hidden History, Lost Civilizations, Energy, Coral Castle, Magnetism, Illuminati, Suppression, Religion, Astrology, Numerology, Philosophy, Esoteric and Occult Knowledge, and more… The long video (over 7 hours) has combined all 6 parts, including addendum’s, into one video for easier viewing.

60 Second Adventures

This is very interesting series of small videos in which the authors are asking many puzzling questions and they’re giving simple explanations. For example how could a humble tortoise beat the legendary Greek hero Achilles in a race? Will time travel ever be possible? What would

Animal Sapiens

Indeed, great questions have practically characterized our cultures. At times they’ve taken us down some rather strange paths. They’ve given rise to religions and of course, they’ve given birth to and destroyed entire civilizations. But, curiously the most important questions, the greatest ones of

12 Biggest Lies

The 12 Biggest Lies is a documentary film worth watching. There might be different opinions after watching the film, which is entirely normal. “There is no such thing as truth” – Most people think they formulate their ideas and opinions from facts they can verify.

The Nature of Existence

What are the answers to the great questions of life, and who is certain they know the truth others have been struggling to find for centuries? For The Nature of Existence, Nygard prepared a questionnaire with 85 weighty philosophical questions, ranging from Why do we exist? and Do

Beyond Reason

This is the newest documentary from the maker of Beyond Me and Beyond Belief, Frank Huguenard. His premise is that our intellects are bound by our perceptions and what we perceive is limited by our five senses. From what we’ve learned though modern physics, what get through

Examined Life

In Examined Life, filmmaker Astra Taylor accompanies some of today’s most influential thinkers on a series of unique excursions through places and spaces that hold particular resonance for them and their ideas. Peter Singer’s thoughts on the ethics of consumption are amplified against the backdrop

American Philosopher

Who dares think a nation? What is the status of philosophy in a nation founded by philosophers? What are the risks of practicing philosophy in America? Does America have a native philosophy? Eight short films about philosophy in America and American philosophy by Phillip McReynolds. The