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Lobotomy tells of the atrocities committed against the country of Georgia by the Russian government and the brainwashing propaganda it used to justify it. In the year 2000 interview with Larry King, Vladimir Putin smiled insidiously throughout the questioning. This smile was the slick smile

Kingdom of Germany

Former chef and martial arts trainer Peter Fitzek has founded his own micronation called the Kingdom of Germany. It consists of several properties around the city of Wittenberg, south of Berlin. The Kingdom of Germany has 25 citizens, its own currency, an official state

Declassified: Chairman Mao

This biographical documentary profiles Communist party leader Chairman Mao Tse-Tung (1893-1976). One of the most formidable leaders that the world has ever seen, Mao was undeniably a brilliant political and economic mind, despite his role as a progenitor of 20th Century Communism and a

The Great Challenge: Israel

Using stock footage of American religious fundamentalists and political interviews against original interview footage with experts on international relations, The Great Challenge: Israel documents the role of the Israeli lobbies and their relationship with the US Congress. The film provides background on the relationship

Egypt’s Lost Power

There is a group of men who have grown rich through secretive energy deals between Egypt and Israel. They have cost the Egyptian people billions of dollars in lost revenues. One of the men responsible was a confidante of ex-president Hosni Mubarak, the other

Tragedi Jakarta 1998

Tragedi Jakarta 1998 is a documentary on the May riot and shooting at student activists by the Armed Forces during some rallies in Jakarta, 1998. After the fall of President Suharto in May 1998, the student movement confront the military pressure in the reform

Diplomats for the Damned

As Hitler rolled across Europe, millions of Jews and political enemies of the Third Reich were maliciously exterminated. Yet many more would have died were it not for the bravery of a few gentile foreign service diplomats. Years before D-Day, men like Switzerland’s Carl

Saving South Sudan

Late last year, South Sudan’s president, Salva Kiir, accused his former vice president, Riek Machar, of attempting a coup d’état amid accusations of rampant corruption within the government. Infighting immediately broke out within the presidential guard, sparking what has now become a brutal tribal


In this documentary Peter Vlemmix, the author of Panopticon, explores the expanding powers of the European Union. The European Union is the greatest project in modern history. It’s a wonderful achievement. Europe is freedom, it means no more war, it means 500 million Europeans and 28


Every morning, every United States senator wakes up and his first thought is… “Today I have to raise $20,000… or at the end of the next elections I will not have a job.” This documentary is about the government and citizens who want to

The President’s Book of Secrets

Supposedly, according to White House officials speaking on the condition of anonymity, the president removed from a secret compartment inside a White House Abraham Lincoln statute the rumored “President’s Book of Secrets.” Many historians and conspiracy theorists would be surprised to find out that