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Scars of Solitude

A short documentary with the idea that people will realise how damaging loneliness really is. In the summer of 2012 we found a village in Romania, a beautiful place, which at this moment is populated by only one souL. An old lady who refused to leave her home behind and go with the rest of the village. We went there on a sunny day and we found a deserted village. We were sorounded by abandoned houses and silence. Total silence. But in one of the houses we were shocked to discover this old lady, mutilated by the loneliness, almost an animal with poor or no judgement at all remained, living among other animals.

We really hope you’ll like this video and realise how important is to have someone in your life who is there for you.

Childhood Anger Intervention – 1950’s Style

The Angry Boy – Tommy comes to understand the anger that made him to steal money from his teacher. He is helped by Dr. Marshall, a psychiatrist at the Child Guidance Clinic, and how his mother’s conversations with Miss Clark, a psychiatric social worker, help her to come to terms with her feelings toward Tommy and her own mother. The mental health establishment is shown as a benevolent force. Relevant to kids today.

James May: Things You Need To Know: About The Brain

Do you really know what is happening inside your head? James May does and it turns out there is a lot more than you would imagine. With the aid of some mind-boggling animation and motion graphics, he cranks open your cranium to get the answers from 100 billion whizzing neurons on questions like why men don’t ask for directions, why your memory is so bad and what love has in common with class A drugs. Packed full of brain-bending science that is sure to blow your mind – you will never think of your grey matter in the same way again!

Overcoming Depression: Four Patients Teach Valuable Techniques

Overcoming Depression  is an acclaimed documentary, four people will talk about their depression and actually teach the techniques that they have used to help overcome this serious and most widespread mental condition. These techniques are based on cognitive behavioral therapy, a very successful and popular form of therapy for many types of depression, general anxiety disorder and other spectrums of the anxiety type disorders.

Additionally, insight is given by Professor Philip Boyce, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Sydney.

The program is presented by well known comedian Spike Milligan, who despite suffering from severe and debilitating depression for much of his time, has managed to lead a very full and creative life

The Madness of Bedlam

Here is a fantastic Time Team Special about Bedlam Hospital, one of the actors who plays a chap called Alexander Cruden is none other than Michael Wisniewski who has been in many TV series and Films. In fact he plays two different roles in this, look out for the prison guard and the guy chained to a bed. In this special episode, we explore the world’s first lunatic asylum which opened 700 years ago in Bishopsgate, London, and soon after became known as Bedlam Hospital.

Now, during the redevelopment of Liverpool Street Station for London’s Crossrail, a dig beside the site of the original hospital has uncovered numerous bodies in a medieval graveyard. We search the archives to learn about the lives of Bedlam’s patients, while Alex Langlands tries ancient treatments for madness first hand. Narrated by Tony Robinson.