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Holy Ghost People

Holy Ghost People is a documentary film released in 1967 which not only chronicles a Pentacostal Christian service taking place in Scrabble Creek, West Virginia, but also includes interviews with many of the participants within the service. Throughout the film we see the participants


The slave ships during the XVII and XVIII century transported millions of people from Africa to America carried within it the seed of a religious cult that would help the slaves in the Confederacy for their freedom. This is the story of the formation

Siberian Messiah

A self-proclaimed Messiah has been operating in Siberia’s Krasnoyarsk Region. The founding father of the Vissarion Brotherhood and the Church of the Last Testament, who calls himself “The Teacher,” predicts a new Great Flood, promises salvation and spiritual perfection to his followers. His followers

Gates of Hell

Be it in ancient mythologies in cultures around the world, in religion, and even in literature, there are descriptions of how hell looks like. Regardless the descriptions, all bear similarities of how humans are to be received in the underworld after they die. It