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The Clitoris: The Great Unknown

clitorisThe clitoris is a female sexual organ present in mammals, ostriches and a limited number of other animals. In humans, the visible button-like portion is near the front junction of the labia minora (inner lips), above the opening of the urethra. Unlike the penis, the male variant of the clitoris, it usually does not contain the distal portion or opening of the urethra and is therefore not used for urination. While few animals urinate through the clitoris, the spotted hyena, which has a particularly well-developed clitoris, urinates, mates and gives birth via the organ. Some other carnivorous animals and mammals, such as lemurs and spider monkeys, also have a well-developed clitoris.

The clitoris is the human female’s most sensitive erogenous zone and the primary source of female sexual pleasure. In humans and other mammals, it develops from an outgrowth in the embryo called the genital tubercle. Initially undifferentiated, the tubercle develops into either a penis or a clitoris, depending on the presence or absence of the protein tdf, which is codified by a single gene on the Y chromosome. The clitoris is a complex structure, and its size and sensitivity can vary. The glans (head) of the human clitoris is roughly the size and shape of a pea, and is estimated to have moresensory nerve endings than any other part of the human body.

Extensive sociological, sexological and medical debate have focused on the clitoris, primarily concerning anatomical accuracy, orgasmic factors and their physiological explanation for the G-Spot, and whether the clitoris is vestigial, an adaptation, or serves a reproductive function. Social perceptions of the clitoris range from the significance of its role in female sexual pleasure, assumptions about its true size and depth, and varying beliefs regarding genital modification such as clitoris enlargement,clitoris piercing and clitoridectomy; genital modification may be for aesthetic, medical or cultural reasons, and cultural perceptions also impact on knowledge of the clitoris. Studies suggest that knowledge of its existence and anatomy is scant in comparison to that of other sexual organs, and that more education about it could help alleviate social stigmas associated with the female body and female sexual pleasure; for example, that the clitoris and vulva in general are visually unappealing, that female masturbation is taboo, or that men should be expected to master and control women’s orgasms. (source:

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Donkey Sex

Ryann Duffy goes back in New York City after a trip in Columbia. Vice’s team was amazed to find out that some of the locals in Columbia have regular sex with Donkeys.

This is just as weird as it gets, but there are so many other parts of the world where locals have sex with sheep, donkeys and even horses.

Having sex with donkeys is a part of growing up for some of the local boys on the northern coast of Colombia. Vice went to investigate this obscure tradition and foolishly said, “we’ll believe it when we see it.”

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Bangkok Girl

Bangkok Girl is a documentary film that was both produced and directed by Jordan Clark. It is a low-budget film. It costed roughly $10,000 to produce, and takes sex tourism in Bangkok as its subject.

Bangkok Girl is 43 minutes long and focuses on Pla, a bargirl who is 19 years old and who guides Clark through the city. The film explores Pla’s background and how she came to be where she is. Pla began working as a prostitue at the age of 13, and, while she had managed to avoid being prostituted up until the point that the documentary was filmed, the film suggests that she will eventually be forcably prostituted.

In November 2005, the film aired on “The Lens”, a program on Canada’s CBC Television. Sweden’s Sveriges Television also aired the film. In 2011,Tara Teng, a Canadian abolitionist who was Miss Canada at the time, said that her first impetus to combat human trafficking came from watching Bangkok Girl. In one scene of the film, Pla looks into the lens of the camera and says “No one cares about me.” Teng said that this line changed her life. She further said that, at the time, she could not understand how a person could believe their personal worth was determined by the amount of money a person would pay for them.

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A Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex

A Girl's Guide to 21st Century SexArguably this is the most comprehensive and best sex education documentary ever produced, “A Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex” is a documentary about sex, which ran for 8 episodes on UK Public TV in 2006. All 8 episodes here are in full, indexed and in chronological order.

As shown in the index it is a vital educational resource for all genders, persuasions and ages.

Warning. The following content contains explicit images which might not be suitable for children. Our community warns about the potentially offensive or inappropriate content. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Inside Human Body: How Love and Sex Works

how-love-and-sex-worksFalling in love and having sex for the first time are milestones which people never forget. The first episode of this three-part series accompanies young adults as they navigate this sexual territory for the first time and uncovers what is going on in our minds and bodies on the road to losing our virginity. Using CGI and computer graphics to travel inside the human body, the programme explores the physiological, neurological and psychological changes that happen before, during and after sex.

It tracks one couple’s ride from initial feelings to full-blown love, but it is a guessing game all the way – so is sex on the cards? The science behind their attraction is uncovered. For others with love in the bag, a wedding is the chance to confirm their beliefs and open the doors to a new level of intimacy, but will giving each other their virginity deepen their love even further?

Sexual adventures are as much about finding your identity as they are about having fun, and for one gay man he has it all to do. The excitement of his first gay pride helps reaffirm his desires, but how will he cope when coming out to his family for the first time?

Many people regret decisions made in the heat of the moment – we hear how abortion became one girl’s only option, and for another there is exclusive access into a new surgical procedure which allows her to become a virgin again.

The pressure to ‘get it right’ is always there, and for one group of lads a booze-fuelled holiday is the way to go. The effect of alcohol is explored, including the science behind ‘beer goggles’ – but will it end in sex on the beach? (source:

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