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  1. Abraham Lincoln: Saint or Sinner
  2. Adolf Hitler: His Last Days
  3. After Mein Kampf
  4. Albert Einstein: How I See the World
  5. Albert Einstein Biography
  6. Al Capone: Scarface
  7. Al Capone: The Untouchable Legend
  8. Amy Winehouse: The Girl Done Good
  9. Amy Winehouse: What Really Happened
  10. Anna Nicole Smith: Her Final Hours
  11. A Skin Too Few: The Days of Nick Drake
  12. A Study in Sherlock
  13. Behind the Glamour: The Real Marilyn Monroe
  14. Beneath The Veil
  15. Bill Clinton: His Life
  16. Bill Gates: How a Geek Changed the World
  17. Biography: Barack Obama
  18. Biography: Elizabeth Taylor
  19. Biography: George Washington
  20. Biography: Syd Barrett
  21. Biography: Ted Bundy
  22. Bob Dylan: 1941-1966 Tales From A Golden Age (Special Edition)
  23. Bob Marley Biography
  24. Born to be King
  25. Britney Off The Rails
  26. Bukowski: Born Into This
  27. Confucius: Words of Wisdom
  28. Craig Venter: Designing Life
  29. D.M. Bennett: The Truth Seeker
  30. Dan Hardy: The Outlaw
  31. David Bowie: Sound and Vision
  32. Declassified: Ayatollah Khomeini
  33. Donald Trump: All American Billionaire
  34. Elon Musk Profiled
  35. Eminem A.K.A.
  36. Emma Goldman: An Exceedingly Dangerous Woman
  37. Exploring Einstein: Life of a Genius
  38. Frank Zappa Biography
  39. Freddie Mercury
  40. General Idi Amin Dada: Self Portrait
  41. Grey Gardens
  42. Growing Up Capone
  43. High Society: Churchill’s Girl
  44. Ho Chi Minh: Vietnam’s Enigma
  45. How Bruce Lee Changed the World
  46. I Knew Bin Laden
  47. J. K. Rowling: A Year In The Life
  48. Jacqueline Kennedy: White House Tour
  49. Jay Z: Biography
  50. Jimi Hendrix the Uncut
  51. Johnny Cash: The Last Great American
  52. Kurt Cobain: About a Son
  53. Living with Michael Jackson
  54. Mahatma: Life of Gandhi, 1869-1948
  55. Mark Zuckerberg’s Profile
  56. Matter of Heart
  57. Mike Tyson: Beyond the Glory
  58. Mobsters: Tommy Lucchese
  59. Muhammad Ali: The Greatest
  60. N is a Number: A Portrait of Paul Erdös
  61. Nikola Tesla: The Genius Who Lit the World
  62. Outlaw Comic: The Censoring of Bill Hicks
  63. Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives
  64. Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius
  65. Richard Feynman: No Ordinary Genius
  66. Roswell: Biography
  67. Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy
  68. Tesla: Master of Lightning
  69. The Google Boys
  70. The House of Rothschild: The Money’s Prophets
  71. The Influence of Elvis Presley
  72. The Legend of Marilyn Monroe
  73. The New Clinton Chronicles
  74. The Original 50 Cent
  75. The Real Bruce Lee
  76. The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius
  77. The Rockefeller Family Dynasty
  78. The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney
  79. Timothy Leary: The Man Who Turned On America
  80. Tupac: Resurrection
  81. Warren Buffett Revealed
  82. Westinghouse: The Life and Times of An American Icon
  83. Who is Nelson Mandela?
  84. Who is Peter Joseph?
  85. Young, Nazi, and Proud
  86. Young Mr. Lincoln
  1. “Lockup” Maricopa County Jail: Extended Stay
  2. 1981: Elite Child Sex Slaves
  3. A Cry for Innocence
  4. Aberrican Me: Ross Capicchioni
  5. After School Arms Club
  6. Aileen Wuornos: Life and Death of a Serial Killer
  7. Alarma! Mexico’s Most Violent Crimes
  8. Al Capone’s Secret City
  9. Al Capone Scarface
  10. Alcatraz Island of Hate
  11. America’s Prison Problem
  12. A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995
  13. Asia’s Illegal Animal Trade
  14. A Very British Gangster
  15. Banged Up Abroad
  16. Battling the Yakuza
  17. Behind Bars
  18. Berezovsky
  19. Black Mafia Family
  20. Charles Manson: Mind of Evil
  21. Charles Manson: The infamous Snyder Interview
  22. Charles Manson Superstar
  23. Charles Manson Then and Now
  24. Children for Sale
  25. City of God, Guns and Gangs
  26. Cocaine Cowboys
  27. Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustlin’ with the Godmother
  28. Colombian Narcosubs
  29. Confessions of an Innocent Man
  30. Confessions of a Serial Killer: Jeffrey Dahmer
  31. Cropsey
  32. Darfur Diaries – Message from Home
  33. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father
  34. Death In Gaza
  35. Debt Collector
  36. Declassified: Human Experimentation
  37. Escape! Breakout From Alcatraz
  38. Expendable: The Political Sacrifice of Schapelle Corby
  39. Extradition
  40. Fashion Victims
  41. FBI Criminal Pursuit: The Perfect Victim
  42. Gangland
  43. Gangland: The Irish Mob
  44. Guilty by Association
  45. Guns, Culture and Crime in the US
  46. Guy Georges: The Beast Of Bastille
  47. H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer
  48. Hells Angels
  49. Henry Hill – The Real Goodfella
  50. High Drama: Honeymoon Hostage Situation
  51. How Terri-Lynne McClintic Became a Killer
  52. How to Commit the Perfect Murder
  53. How to Get Away with Stealing
  54. How to Rob Africa
  55. Hunt for the Unabomber
  56. Hunting Pablo Escobar
  57. Hunting The Internet Bullies
  58. I Helped My Daughter Die
  59. Inside: Russia’s Toughest Prisons
  60. Inside: The Mob’s Bloody Valentines
  61. Inside the DEA
  62. Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bombers
  63. Inside The Mafia: The Godfathers
  64. Inside the World’s Most Infamous Prisons: Folsom
  65. Inside the World’s Most Infamous Prisons: The Maze
  66. Interview with a Cannibal
  67. It’s a Girl
  68. Jack the Ripper
  69. Justice: Saudi Style
  70. Just Melvin, Just Evil
  71. Kill Him Silently
  72. Kony 2012
  73. Kony 2012: Part 2 – Beyond Famous
  74. Land of Missing Children: The Rape Trade
  75. Life after Guantanamo
  76. Louis Theroux – A Place for Pedophiles
  77. Love Crimes of Kabul
  78. Lucky Luciano
  79. Lugovoy Lie Detector Test: Who Killed Litvinenko?
  80. Made in Bangladesh
  81. Madeleine Was Here
  82. Marc Dutroux: The Monster of Belgium
  83. Mind the Gap: 7/7
  84. Mobsters: Joe Bonanno
  85. MS13: World’s most Dangerous Gang
  86. Murder in the Amazon
  87. Norway Massacre: The Killer’s Mind
  88. Orange County Jail
  89. Pandilleros: A Wish to Live
  90. Pirate Fishing
  91. Prisoner X
  92. Rampant INjustice
  93. Raped in India
  94. Real Life Hannibal Lecters
  95. Renegade Jewish Settlers
  96. Secrets of the Dead: Umbrella Assassin
  97. Selling the Girl Next Door
  98. Serial Killers: Bodies in the Barrels
  99. Sex Crimes and the Vatican
  100. Sherlock Holmes: The True Story
  101. Slavery: A 21st Century Evil
  102. Spirit Child
  103. Streets of New York
  104. St. Louis Serial Killer: Cold Case
  105. Ten Commandments of The Mafia
  106. Terror in Moscow
  107. Terror in Mumbai
  108. TerrorStorm
  109. The 20 Most Horrifying Hollywood Murders
  110. The Changing Face of the Mafia
  111. The Chessboard Killer
  112. The Craigslist Killer: Seven Days of Rage
  113. The Downfall of Al Capone
  114. The Gambinos: First Family of Crime
  115. The Hasidic Drugdealer
  116. The Holloway Files
  117. The Iceman: Confessions of a Mafia Hitman
  118. The Italian Mafia – Going Global (Heroin – The Pizza Connection)
  119. The Killing Game
  120. The Killing of America
  121. The Litvinenko Inquiry
  122. The Lying Game: Crimes That Fooled Britain
  123. The Mark of Cain
  124. The Mexican Mormon War
  125. The Nigerian Connection
  126. The Real Bonnie and Clyde
  127. The Sakawa Boys: Internet Scamming in Ghana
  128. The Secret History Of Hacking
  129. The Secret Life of Radovan Karadzic
  130. The Trillion Dollar Con Man
  131. The US and Honduras
  132. The Virgin Trade: Sex, Lies and Trafficking
  133. The World History of Organized Crime
  134. The Yorkshire Ripper
  135. Thieves by Law
  136. Twisted: The Green River Killer
  137. Vatican Inc.
  138. Wham Bam Thank You Scam
  139. Young Kids, Hard Time
  1. Acapulco Gold
  2. Addicted to Pleasure: Tobacco
  3. Addicted to Pleasure: Whisky
  4. Afghan Heroin: The Lost War
  5. Afghanistan: Drugs, Guns and Money
  6. Africa’s Moonshine Epidemic
  7. Amateur Armstrongs
  8. American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny
  9. Ancient Drugs
  10. Baja Smugglers
  11. Ben: Diary of a Heroin Addict
  12. Black Coffee
  13. Breaking the Taboo
  14. Canada’s War on Weed
  15. Cannabis: The Evil Weed?
  16. Cannabis Cultivation: I grow Green
  17. CannaBiz: The Secret Economy of Marijuana
  18. Changing Lanes
  19. Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis
  20. Cold Turkey: Heroin Addiction
  21. Crack House
  22. Detox or Die
  23. Dirty Pictures
  24. Do I Drink Too Much?
  25. Drug Frenzy
  26. Drug Kings Of New York
  27. Drugs, Inc. Cocaine
  28. Drugs, Inc. Ecstasy
  29. Drugs, Inc. Heroin
  30. Drugs, Inc. Meth
  31. Ecstasy And Agony
  32. Gambling: Overcoming The Addiction
  33. Getting High Injecting Snake Venom
  34. Glut: The Untold Story of Punjab
  35. Grass: The History of Marijuana
  36. High Country
  37. Hoffman’s Potion
  38. Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way
  39. How Weed Won The West
  40. Ibogaine: Rite of Passage
  41. If Drugs Were Legal
  42. Inside LSD
  43. Kings of Cannabis
  44. Making A Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging
  45. Marijuana Inc: Inside America’s Pot Industry
  46. Marijuana: A Chronic History
  47. Marijuana: A Second Class Addiction
  48. Medical Marijuana Corruption
  49. Medicinal Cannabis
  50. Memoirs of a Cigarette
  51. Mexico’s Drug War
  52. Montana Meth
  53. Pablo Escobar: The King of Coke
  54. Punch Drunk
  55. Sacred Weeds
  56. Secrets of The Tobacco Industry
  57. Sex, Lies and Cigarettes
  58. Should I Smoke Dope?
  59. Siberia: Krokodil Tears
  60. Smoker’s Luck
  61. Strain Hunters
  62. Swansea Love Story
  63. Thalidomide: A Wonder Drug?
  64. The 20 Most Dangerous Drugs
  65. The Ambien Effect
  66. The Beyond Within
  67. The City Addicted to Crystal Meth
  68. The Fabulous Story of Puro
  69. The Gamblers: Addiction, Lottery, and Hollywood
  70. The Gambling Nation
  71. The Mystery Of The Cocaine Mummy
  72. The Oxycontin Express
  73. The Secrets of a Drug Dealer
  74. The Strange Case Of Death In The West
  75. The Union: The Business Behind Getting High
  76. The War On Drugs: The Prison Industrial Complex
  77. The World’s Most Dangerous Drug (Meth)
  78. Tijuana Drug Lords
  79. Ultimate Grow
  80. Underground LSD Palace
  81. Utterly Addicted To Gambling
  82. Weed
  83. We Love Cigarettes
  84. What’s The Score?
  85. When We Grow ….
  86. World’s Scariest Drug: The Devil’s Breath
  87. Yemen: State of Intoxication
  1. 1929 : The Great Crash
  2. 97% Owned
  3. A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash
  4. Aftermath of a Crisis
  5. All Wars are Bankers’ Wars
  6. America’s Bankrupt Banks (Inside the Meltdown)
  7. An Inconvenient Death
  8. Banking With Hitler
  9. Big Sugar
  10. Bigger Than Enron
  11. Bitcoin: Bankers’ Worst Fear
  12. Black Money
  13. Breaking Inequality
  14. Britain’s Bad Housing
  15. Bush Family Fortunes
  16. Buy Buy Europe
  17. Catastroika
  18. Cereals: The Foods that make Billions
  19. Charlie Rose: An Hour with Warren Buffett
  20. China: The Orient Excess
  21. China or Bust
  22. Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy
  23. Crash: How Long Will It Last?
  24. Culture in Decline: Consumption-Vanity Disorder
  25. Culture in Decline: Economics 101
  26. Debt: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  27. Debtocracy
  28. Design the New Business
  29. End of Liberty
  30. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
  31. Europe on the Brink
  32. Fiat Empire
  33. Flowing Through
  34. For Sale: The American Dream
  35. Four Horsemen
  36. Getting Rich
  37. How the Banks Never Lose
  38. How the Banks Won
  39. I Want The Earth (plus 5%)
  40. I.O.U.S.A. – One Nation. Under Debt. In Stress.
  41. In Debt We Trust
  42. Iraq’s Missing Billions
  43. Let’s Make Money
  44. Maxed Out
  45. Megafactories: Lego
  46. MeltUp: The Beginning Of A US Currency Crisis
  47. Merchants of Cool
  48. Million Dollar Traders
  49. Mind Over Money
  50. Money and Life
  51. Money and Speed: Inside the Black Box
  52. Money as Debt
  53. Money as Debt 2: Promises Unleashed
  54. Money as Debt 3: Evolution Beyond Money
  55. Money, Banking, and The Federal Reserve System
  56. Monopoly Men: Federal Reserve Fraud
  57. Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis
  58. Pawtucket Rising
  59. Phoning from the Philippines
  60. Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street
  61. RBS: Inside The Bank That Ran Out Of Money
  62. Real Estate 4 Ransom
  63. Richie Rich gets Richer
  64. Santa’s Workshop: Inside China’s Slave Labour Toy Factories
  65. Secret History of the Credit Card
  66. Secrets of the Superbrands
  67. Stealing Africa
  68. Super Rich: The Greed Game
  69. Supermarket Secrets
  70. The American Dream
  71. The Ascent of Money
  72. The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of The World
  73. The Chicago Sessions
  74. The Cost of a Coke
  75. The Day of the Dollar
  76. The Diamond Empire
  77. The Bubble
  78. The Fall of Lehman Brothers
  79. The Food Speculator
  80. The Foods that Make Billions
  81. The Great Challenge: Oil
  82. The Ka-Ching Dynasty
  83. The Mayfair Set
  84. The Midas Formula: Trillion Dollar Bet
  85. The Money Fix
  86. The Money Masters
  87. The Party’s Over: How the West Went Bust
  88. The Prize: Crude Diplomacy
  89. The Reality Matrix: The Funny Money
  90. The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse
  91. The Secret of Oz
  92. The Take
  93. The Tax Free Tour
  94. The Taxing Question of Land
  95. Time for Change
  96. Trading on Thin Air
  97. Turning the Desert Green in Qatar
  98. UK’s Scariest Debt Collector
  99. Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
  100. Warren Buffett: The World’s Greatest Money Maker
  101. Wealth Inequality in America
  102. We Got F*cked
  103. Who’s Getting Rich On Your Money?
  104. Who Gets the Best Jobs?
  1. Aerosol Crimes
  2. Age Of Stupid
  3. A River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth About Factory Farms
  4. A World Without Water
  5. Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification
  6. All Things Are Connected
  7. An Inconvenient Truth
  8. Apocalypse, Man
  9. At the Edge of the World
  10. Between Sky and Ocean
  11. Blue Gold: World Water Wars
  12. Canada’s Toxic Chemical Valley
  13. Can the Gulf Survive?
  14. Chernobyl Heart
  15. Chernobyl: Life In The Dead Zone
  16. Crash Course: Ecology
  17. Damocracy
  18. Design: e²
  19. Don’t Talk About The Weather
  20. Do the Math
  21. Earth: The Climate Wars
  22. Earthlings
  23. Edible City: Grow the Revolution
  24. End: Civ Resist or Die
  25. Fallout From Chernobyl
  26. Fire Water
  27. First Earth: Uncompromising Ecological Architecture
  28. Five Ways To Save The World
  29. Flotsam Found
  30. Flow: For Love of Water
  31. Fracking in America
  33. Freedom Fuels
  34. FUEL
  35. Garbage Island
  36. Garbage Warrior
  37. Gashole
  38. Global Dimming
  39. Green Death of the Forests
  40. Green Gold
  41. Green Gold, Trees & Paper Production 
  42. Hawaii: Message in the Waves
  43. Here Comes The Sun
  44. Home Project
  45. Hot Planet
  46. Hunt for the Supertwister
  47. Inside Chernobyl
  48. Inside the Sarcophagus at Chernobyl
  49. Introduction to Permaculture Design
  50. Life After People
  51. Life Running Out Of Control
  52. Manufactured Landscapes
  53. Meat the Truth
  54. Natural World: A Farm for the Future
  55. People and Power: The Toxic Truth
  56. Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution
  57. Pipe Down
  58. Poison Fire
  59. Poison on the Platter
  60. Polar Apocalypse
  61. Prophets of Doom
  62. Sacred Spirit of Water
  63. Salmon Confidential
  64. Satoyama: Japan’s Secret Watergarden
  65. Shift: Beyond the Numbers of the Climate Crisis
  66. Strange Days on Planet Earth
  67. Summer of (Family) Love
  68. The Battle for the Arctic
  69. The Battle of Chernobyl
  70. The Big Fix
  71. The Big Freeze
  72. The Boy Who Cried Warming
  73. The Changing Climate of Global Warming
  74. The Cleantech Future
  75. The Climate Question: Degrees of Change
  76. The Coconut Revolution
  77. The Consequences of Suburbanization
  78. The Dirtiest Place on the Planet
  79. The Fight for Amazonia
  80. The Great Global Warming Swindle
  81. The Gulf Stream and The Next Ice Age
  82. The Plastic Cow
  83. The Sky is Pink
  84. The Slow Poisoning of India
  85. The Stories!
  86. The Story of Stuff
  87. The True Battle of Chernobyl
  88. The World According to Monsanto
  89. Then and Now: Ishinomaki
  90. To the Last Drop
  91. Toxic Light Bulb Investigation
  92. Toxic: Napoli
  93. Turlock
  94. Unearthed: The Fracking Facade
  95. Uranium: Is It a Country?
  96. Waste = Food
  97. We Feed The World
  98. We The Tiny House People
  99. Wegmans Cruelty
  100. What A Way To Go: Life at the end of Empire
  101. What in the World Are They Spraying?
  1. A Certain Kind Of Death
  2. AIDS Inc.
  3. Allergy Planet
  4. Amazonia: Healing With Sacred Plants
  5. An Inconvenient Tooth
  6. Antibiotics, Kill Or Cure?
  7. Big Bucks, Big Pharma: Marketing Disease and Pushing Drugs
  8. Birth in Nepal
  9. Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery
  10. Bubonic Plague: The Black Death
  11. Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business
  12. Cancer: The Forbidden Cures
  13. Can GM Food Save The World?
  14. Can’t Stop Eating
  15. Contagion
  16. Cryonics: Death in the Deep Freeze
  17. Dispatches: When Cousins Marry
  18. Don’t Swallow Your Toothpaste
  19. Dying To Have Known
  20. Dying to Sleep
  21. Ebola: Africa’s Bloody Disease
  22. Fast Food Baby
  23. Fast Food, Fat Profits: Obesity in America
  24. Fat Head
  25. Fix Me
  26. Food Matters
  27. Food, Inc.
  28. Freedom From ME
  29. Genetically Modified Food: Panacea or Poison
  30. Globesity: Fat’s New Frontier
  31. Half Ton Killer
  32. Half Ton Man
  33. Hannah’s Anecdote
  34. Healing Cancer with Cannabis
  35. History’s Turning Points: AD 1347 The Black Death
  36. Homeopathy: The Test
  37. House of Numbers
  38. Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a Crime
  39. Invisible Threat
  40. I Remember Me
  41. Jimmy’s GM Food Fight
  42. King Corn: You Are What You Eat
  43. Making the Connection
  44. Modern Meat
  45. Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety
  46. Nuclear Nightmares
  47. Nutrition and Behavior Aspartame (Lecture)
  48. One Night in Bhopal
  49. Overcoming Obstacles In Treating Your Diabetes
  50. Pill Poppers
  51. Placebo: Cracking the Code
  52. Prescription for Disaster
  53. Rise of the Superbugs
  54. Run From The Cure
  55. Seeds of Death
  56. Seeds of Freedom
  57. Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC
  58. Shots in the Dark: Silence on Vaccine
  59. Sicko
  60. Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
  61. Snake Venom Superman
  62. Statin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up
  63. Stigma
  64. Strange Culture
  65. Street Medicine
  66. Super Size Me
  67. Surviving the Cold
  68. Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World
  69. Sweet Remedy: Adulterated Food Supply
  70. Tapped
  71. The 46 Year Pregnancy
  72. The American Abortion War
  73. The Beautiful Truth
  74. The Business of Being Born
  75. The Cancer Sell
  76. The Deadly Deception
  77. The Disappearing Male
  78. The Drugging of Our Children
  79. The Drunkest Place on Earth
  80. The English Surgeon
  81. The Fluoride Deception
  82. The Future of Food
  83. The Ghost In Your Genes
  84. The Girl Who Never Ate
  85. The History of Asbestos
  86. The Lazarus Effect
  87. The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane?
  88. The Origins of AIDS
  89. The Other Side of AIDS
  90. The Price of Life
  91. The Syphilis Enigma
  92. The Tiniest Boy In Britain
  93. The Tiniest Girl In The World
  94. The Truth 365
  95. The Truth About Depression
  96. The Truth About Vitamins
  97. The Twin Within The Twin
  98. The Weight of the Nation: Challenges
  99. The Weight of the Nation: Children in Crisis
  100. The Weight of the Nation: Choices
  101. The Weight of the Nation: Consequences
  102. The Woman Who Woke Up Chinese
  103. The Woman With Half A Body
  104. THIN
  105. Treeman: Search For The Cure
  106. Under Our Skin
  107. Vaccination: The Hidden Truth
  108. Vaccine Nation
  109. War on Health
  110. Way Beyond Weight
  111. Weight Loss: The Atkins Diet
  112. Why Are Thin People Not Fat?
  1. 1421: The Year China Discovered America?
  2. 1932: A True History of the United States
  3. 42 Ways To Kill Hitler
  4. About Fallout
  5. A Decade Under the Influence
  6. Africa’s Cowboy Capitalists
  7. Africa: Caravans Of Gold
  8. A History of Britain
  9. A History of Racism
  10. A History of Scotland
  11. A History of Syria
  12. Alcatraz History
  13. Ancient Chinese Inventions
  14. A Short History of Ireland
  15. A Tudor Feast at Christmas
  16. Africa Addio (Farewell Africa)
  17. After Rome: Holy War And Conquest
  18. Alistair Cooke’s America
  19. America Before Columbus
  20. An Islamic History of Europe
  21. Ancient Apocalypse: The Maya Collapse
  22. Ancient Apocalypse: The Minoans
  23. Ancient Inventions of War, Sex and City Life
  24. Ancient Mysteries: Dreamtime of the Aboriginals
  25. Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land
  26. Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire
  27. Ancients Behaving Badly
  28. Attack In The Pacific
  29. Athens: The Truth about Democracy
  30. Auschwitz: The Blueprint of Genocide
  31. Auschwitz: The Nazi Final Solution
  32. Barbarians
  33. Battlefield Britain
  34. Beating The Bomb
  35. Bedlam: The History of Bethlem Hospital
  36. Big Easy to Big Empty
  37. Black Athena: The Fabrication of Ancient Greece
  38. Blood of the Vikings: Last of the Vikings
  39. Brazil: An Inconvenient History
  40. British Empire in Colour
  41. Call of the Snow Lion
  42. Cathedral
  43. China’s Great Wall: Protecting the Dragon
  44. Cities of the Underworld
  45. Civilisation
  46. Civilization: Is the West History?
  47. Cleopatra: Portrait of a Killer
  48. China’s Terracotta Army
  49. Columbus’ Lost Voyage
  50. Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death
  51. Conquistadors
  52. Constantine the Great
  53. Crash Course: US History
  54. Crash Course: World History
  55. Christmas Unwrapped: The History of Christmas
  56. Dark Ages: The Sacking of Rome
  57. Death on the Railroad
  58. Dr. Goebbels Speaks
  59. Dracula: The True Story
  60. Dutch New York
  61. Edwardian Farm
  62. Egypt’s Golden Empire
  63. Egypt’s Ten Greatest Discoveries
  64. Engineering an Empire
  65. Ethiopia:The Hidden Empire
  66. Fall of Great Empires: Storm Over Persia
  67. Fiefdom of Speech
  68. Filthy Cities
  69. Frederick the Great and the Enigma of Prussia
  70. French Revolution
  71. Genghis Khan
  72. Gladiators: Back From The Dead
  73. Grandma’s Tattoos
  74. Guns, Germs, and Steel
  75. Hannibal: The Fall of Carthage
  76. Hell in the Pacific
  77. Hidden Fuhrer: Debating the Enigma of Hitler’s Sexuality
  78. History of World War II: Hiroshima
  79. Hitler Speaks: Hitler’s Private Movies
  80. Hitler’s Children
  81. Hitler’s Warriors: Manstein the Strategist
  82. Homo Sapiens 1900
  83. How Stuff Works: Secrets of Chocolate
  84. In Search of Myths and Heroes
  85. Inside the Mind of Adolf Hitler
  86. In the Shadow of the Moon
  87. Islam: Empire of Faith
  88. Joseph Stalin: Red Terror
  89. Kingdom of David: The Saga of the Israelites
  90. Kolchak’s Gold Mystery
  91. Kosovo: Can You Imagine?
  92. Krakatoa: The Last Days
  93. Kung Fu Killers: 10 Deadliest Weapons
  94. La Marquise de Tournay
  95. Legacy: The Origins of Civilization
  96. Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine
  97. Lost Treasures of Tibet
  98. Magical Egypt
  99. Marie Antoinette: The Last Queen of France
  100. Martin Luther: Reluctant Revolutionary
  101. Medieval Lives
  102. Mesoamerica
  103. Mummies and the Wonders of Ancient Egypt
  104. Mysteries of Asia: Lost Temples of India
  105. Mystery of the Maya
  106. Namibia: Genocide and the Second Reich
  107. Nanook Of The North
  108. Nazi Concentration Camps
  109. Neanderthals: Human Extinction
  110. Nefertiti Resurrected
  111. New York: A Documentary Film
  112. Nuremberg Trials
  113. Pompeii: The Last Day
  114. Poor Us: An Animated History
  115. Prisoners of War Betrayed
  116. Provos, Loyalists and Brits
  117. Queen of Sheba: Behind the Myth
  118. Racism: A History
  119. Real Ninjas
  120. Rosie: Stories from the Home Front
  121. Royal Babylon
  122. Searching for Exile: Truth or Myth
  123. Secrets of the Aegean Apocalypse
  124. Secrets of the Ancients: Olmec Heads
  125. Secrets of the Dead: Auschwitz
  126. Secrets of the Dead: Bugging Hitler’s Soldiers
  127. Secrets of the Dead: Lost Ships of Rome
  128. Secrets of the Lost Empire
  129. Secrets of the Parthenon
  130. Secrets of the Tang Treasure Ship
  131. Secret Tibetan Book of the Dead
  132. Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece
  133. Shake The World
  134. Slavery and the Making of America
  135. Soviet Storm: WW2 In the East
  136. Space Race
  137. Spartacus: Behind The Myth
  138. Stalin and the Betrayal of Leningrad
  139. Stealing a Nation
  140. Stealing Lincoln’s Body
  141. Submarine Warfare
  142. Tales from the Green Valley
  143. The Adult Industry: A Secret History of Civilisation
  144. The Adventure of English
  145. The Art of War: Sun Tsu
  146. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  147. The Atomic Cafe
  148. The Attempt to Assassinate Adolf Hitler
  149. The Battle Of Britain
  150. The Battle Of Russia
  151. The Birth of Israel
  152. The Bloody History of Communism
  153. The Canary Effect
  154. The Creation of the Computer
  155. The Danish Solution: The Rescue of the Jews of Denmark
  156. The Dark Age Renaissance of Northern Europe
  157. The Dark Lords of Hattusha
  158. The Empire in Africa
  159. The Eternal Jew
  160. The Fighting Lady
  161. The First Australians
  162. The First Emperor of China
  163. The Frankincense Trail
  164. The Great Book Robbery
  165. The Great Wall of China
  166. The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization
  167. The History of Chocolate
  168. The History of Grand Theft Auto
  169. The Hitler Family
  170. The Hunt for Hitler’s Scientists
  171. The Invisible Nation
  172. The Kings: From Babylon To Baghdad
  173. The Lost Civilization Of Peru
  174. The Lost Gods of Easter Island
  175. The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance
  176. The Most Evil Men in History
  177. The Nazis, A Warning From History
  178. The Precursors of the Inca
  179. The Real Downton Abby
  180. The Real Story of Halloween
  181. The Roman Empire in the First Century
  182. The Russian Revolution
  183. The Scariest and Deadliest Moments in Space History
  184. The Secret of El Dorado
  185. The Silver Pharaoh
  186. The Six Wives of Henry VIII
  187. The Somme: Secret Tunnel Wars
  188. The Story of India
  189. The Strangest Dream
  190. The Surprising History of Sex and Love
  191. The True Story of Che Guevara
  192. The Truth About Christmas Carols
  193. The Truth of Troy
  194. The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till
  195. The Weight of Chains
  196. The Worst Christmas Jobs in History
  197. The Worst Jobs in History
  198. They Chose China
  199. Third Reich: The Rise and Fall
  200. Titanic’s Achilles Heel
  201. Titanic’s Final Moments: Missing Pieces
  202. Titanic’s Tragic Sister
  203. Titanic: Death of a Dream
  204. Who is Nelson Mandela?
  205. Victorian Farm
  206. Victorian Farm Christmas
  207. Victorian Pharmacy
  208. Vlad The Impaler
  209. Warrior Empire: The Mughals
  210. What The Ancients Did For Us: The Indians
  211. What the Ancients Did for Us: The Islamic World
  212. When the Moors Ruled in Europe
  213. Who Killed Rasputin?
  214. Who Were the Greeks?
  215. Wright Brothers’ Flying Machine
  216. WWI: The Crucified Soldier
Nature and Wildlife
  1. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Volcanoes
  2. A Cow At My Table
  3. A Fall From Freedom
  4. Africa: The Serengeti
  5. Agafia’s Taiga Life
  6. A Grain of Sand
  7. A Tiger Called Broken Tail
  8. Alien Deep: Wrecks of the Abyss
  9. Alien Insect: Praying Mantis
  10. Alone in the Wilderness
  11. Amazon
  12. And The Mammals Laid Eggs
  13. Animal Imitators
  14. Animal Weapons
  15. Ants: Nature’s Secret Power
  16. Asian Tsunami Disaster
  17. Baraka
  18. Before We Ruled the Earth: Hunt or be Hunted
  19. Birds of Paradise
  20. Born To Be Wild: Giraffes on the Move
  21. Burma’s Last Timber Elephants
  22. Cheetah: Against All Odds
  23. Clever Monkeys
  24. Coelacanth: The Fish That Time Forgot
  25. Cuckoo
  26. Deep Sea
  27. Desert of the Skeletons
  28. Dog-Fighting Undercover
  29. Dogs Decoded
  30. Dressed to Live: Wildlife Styles
  31. Earth Under Water
  32. Encounters at the End of the World
  33. Europe: A Natural History
  34. Everest: The Death Zone
  35. Extreme Dinosaurs
  36. First Apocolypse
  37. Flying Monsters
  38. Future Is Wild
  39. Great Natural Wonders of the World
  40. Great White Shark: Living Legend
  41. Grizzly Man
  42. How Animals Do That
  43. How Earth Made Us
  44. Human Senses
  45. In the Shadow of the Tiger
  46. In the Womb: Cats
  47. Incredible Human Machine
  48. Inside Nature’s Giants
  49. Isolated: The Zo’é Tribe
  50. Japan’s Killer Quake
  51. Journey to the Sea of Cortez
  52. Jungle Trip
  53. Killer Algae
  54. Know your Mushrooms
  55. Korubo: A Fight to the End
  56. Land of Dragons
  57. Life in Cold Blood
  58. Living with Lions
  59. Living with Us
  60. Lord of the Ants
  61. Louis Theroux’s African Hunting Holiday
  62. Megalodon: The Giant Shark
  63. Monsters We Met
  64. Mutation: The Science of Survival
  65. Mysterious Origins of Man
  66. Natural World: Himalayas
  67. Natural World: The Chimpcam Project
  68. Natural World: The Real Jungle Book Bear
  69. Nature’s Killing Machines
  70. Nature’s War Zone
  71. NatureTech
  72. Naughty by Nature
  73. Off The Grid
  74. Oliver The Chimp
  75. Our Labor of Love
  76. Pedigree Dogs Exposed
  77. Pelicans : Outback Nomads
  78. Planet Ant: Life Inside the Colony
  79. Plants for a Future
  80. Predators: The Ultimate Killing Machines
  81. Prehistoric Park
  82. Ray Mears: Extreme Survival
  83. Saved by Dolphins
  84. Secret Life of Cats
  85. Secrets and Mysteries of Bats
  86. Sharkwater
  87. Shining Mountains: Ancient Ones
  88. Supersense
  89. Supervolcanoes
  90. Survival
  91. Swarm: Nature’s Incredible Invasions
  92. Tarsier: The Littlest Alien
  93. Tigers Fighting Back
  94. The Amber Time Machine
  95. The Andes: The Dragon’s Back
  96. The Cat Connection
  97. The Cove
  98. The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course
  99. The Emotional World of Farm Animals
  100. The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies
  101. The Last Lioness
  102. The Last Lions of India
  103. The Last Rhino
  104. The Life of Birds
  105. The Living Edens
  106. The Living Planet
  107. The Lost World of Lake Vostok
  108. The Most Extreme Animals
  109. The Magical Forest
  110. The Marvels of Madagascar
  111. The Monkey-Eating Eagle of the Orinoco
  112. The Nature of Sex
  113. The Private Life of a Cat
  114. There Is a Rhino In My House
  115. The Secret Life of Plants
  116. The Secret World of Plants
  117. The Selfish Ape: The Tribe of Suit
  118. The Song of the Earth
  119. The Superior Human?
  120. Under the Antarctic Ice: Beauty of The Nature
  121. Visionaries: In Grave Danger of Falling Food
  122. Volcano Hell
  123. Weird Nature
  124. Who Killed The Honey Bee?
  125. Wild Dog Diaries
  126. Wild Russia
  127. Wild Thing: The Smithsonian National Zoo
  128. World’s Biggest Cave
  129. World’s Weirdest Freaks On Land
Places and Destinations
  1. 2012 Revolution: World Awakening
  2. 2016: Obama’s America
  3. 2020: US 2011.05.06 Kill Shot Bin Laden’s Death
  4. A Competent Democracy
  5. Aghet: A Genocide
  6. A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism
  7. A Little Light’ll Do Ya: Defending Democracy in America
  8. Anatomy of a Coup
  9. A Way Out of the War on Terror
  10. After Democracy
  11. AIPAC: The Israeli Lobby
  12. All Power to the People!
  13. Ambassadors of the Jungle
  14. America’s Book Of Secrets: The Pentagon
  15. America’s Dangerous Game
  16. American Blackout
  17. American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein
  18. An Unreasonable Man
  19. Anarchism in America
  20. Baltimore: Anatomy of an American City
  21. Beyond Elections: Redefining Democracy in the Americas
  22. Bhutto
  23. Capitalism Is the Crisis
  24. China from the Inside
  25. Choosing the American President
  26. Communism: The Promise and The Reality
  27. Control Room
  28. Conventions 2012: The Price of the Party
  29. Cuba after Castro
  30. Disenfranchised in America
  31. Dishonorable Disclosures
  32. Distorted Morality
  33. End of Nations: EU Takeover and The Lisbon Treaty
  34. Endgame: A Future Scenario for Israel
  35. Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement
  36. Escape from Doncatraz
  37. Euromania: Uncovering The European Union
  38. Face to Face with Annie Machon
  39. Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama
  40. Fear, Anger and Politics
  41. Fidel: The Untold Story
  42. For Liberty
  43. Guns in the Sun
  44. Hers to Lose
  45. How the White House was Won
  46. I’m a Conservative
  47. In Search of Putin’s Money
  48. IRAN (Is Not The Problem)
  49. Iran and the Bomb
  50. Iran and the West
  51. Iranium
  52. Iraq: After the Americans
  53. Kill The Messenger
  54. Letters from Iran
  55. Liberty Bound
  56. Lifting the Veil
  57. Mad Dog: Inside the Secret World of Muammar Gaddafi
  58. Michael Tsarion 2012: The Future of Mankind
  59. Nicaragua: A Nation’s Right To Survive
  60. No Ordinary President: Hugo Chavez
  61. No Volverán: The Venezuelan Revolution Now
  62. Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West
  63. Operation Hollywood
  64. Orwell Rolls In His Grave
  65. Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism
  66. Peace, Propaganda, and The Promised Land
  67. Police State 3: Total Enslavement
  68. Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA
  69. Politics, Religion and the Tea Party
  70. Priceless
  71. Rageh Inside Iran
  72. Resistance in the West Bank
  73. Right America: Feeling Wronged
  74. Ron Paul and Internet Politics
  75. Russian Godfathers
  76. Secret Pakistan
  77. Shadows of Liberty
  78. Showdown With Iran
  79. Slacker Uprising
  80. Slavery: A Global Investigation
  81. Spin
  82. Stealing Your Freedom
  83. Street Politics 101
  84. Suspect Nation
  85. Taxi to the Dark Side
  86. Terminal Democracy
  87. Thailand: A Year of Living Dangerously
  88. The Arab Awakening
  89. The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia
  90. The Choice 2012
  91. The Great African Scandal
  92. The Legacy of Nonviolent Movements in Iran
  93. The Making of Merkel
  94. The Men Who Killed Kennedy
  95. The Miami Model
  96. The Money Lobby
  97. The Most Secret Place On Earth
  98. The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror
  99. The Panama Deception
  100. The Party of No
  101. The Power of Nightmares
  102. The Power Principle
  103. The President’s Book of Secrets
  104. The Prime Minister and the Press
  105. The Putin System
  106. The Real Face of the European Union
  107. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
  108. The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis
  109. The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom?
  110. The Truth Game
  111. The U.S. and the New Middle East
  112. The U.S. vs. John Lennon
  113. The United Nations Deception
  114. The US and the New Middle East
  115. The Voice of Generation Obama
  116. The War on Democracy
  117. The War You Don’t See
  118. The Zionist Story
  119. This is What a Democracy Looks Like
  120. Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule
  121. Triumph of the Will (Special Edition)
  122. True Stories: Taking Liberties
  123. Unconstitutional: The War On Our Civil Liberties
  124. Undercover in Tibet
  125. War and Peace
  126. War By Other Means
  127. Zimbabwe: State of Denial
  1. A Brilliant Madness: John Nash
  2. A Class Divided
  3. A Summer In The Cage
  4. A Virus Called Fear
  5. Aftermath: The Legacy of Suicide
  6. ALONE: The Brain, Sensory Deprivation and Isolation
  7. Anima
  8. Architects of Control: Mass Control and The Future of Mankind
  9. Are You Good or Evil?
  10. Back From the Edge: Borderline Personality Disorder
  11. Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight
  12. Beautiful Minds: The Psychology of the Savant
  13. Beyond Thought
  14. Biology of Dads
  15. Bipolar: A Manic Depressive Illness
  16. Body Shock: The Man Who Ate His Lover
  17. Carl Jung: Approaching the Unconscious
  18. Child of Rage
  19. Children of Darkness
  20. Defense Against the Psychopath
  21. Discovering Psychology: The Power of the Situation
  22. Dr. James Fallon: The Brains of Serial Killers (Talk)
  23. Flight From Darkness: Bipolar Disorder
  24. Help Me To Speak
  25. How to Make Better Decisions
  26. How To Sleep Better?
  27. I, Psychopath
  28. I Am Fishead: Are Corporate Leaders Psychopaths?
  29. Imprisoned by Insanity
  30. In The Shadow of Feeling
  31. Killing Us Softly 3: Advertising’s Image of Women
  32. Kim Peek: The Real Rain Man
  33. Living With ADHD
  34. Mad but Glad
  35. Multiple Personalities
  36. My Brilliant Brain
  37. My Brilliant Brain: Make Me a Genius
  38. Mystical Brain
  39. Narcissists
  40. Phantoms in the Brain
  41. Psychiatry: An Industry of Death
  42. Psychopath
  43. Quantum Communication
  44. Reality and the Extended Mind
  45. Rule from the Shadows: The Psychology of Power
  46. Secrets of Body Language
  47. Schizophrenia: Living With Schizophrenia
  48. Sick
  49. Social Anxiety: Afraid of People
  50. Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive (Part I)
  51. Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive (Part II)
  52. Stupidity
  53. Telepathy
  54. The Big Question: Why Am I Me?
  55. The Boy With The Incredible Brain
  56. The Brain: A Secret History
  57. The Bridge
  58. The Century of the Self
  59. The Human Mind
  60. The Madness of Bedlam
  61. The Secret Life of the Brain
  62. The Secret You
  63. To Catch a Predator
  64. Too Ugly For Love
  65. Up/Down
  66. We Have Ways Of Making You Talk
  67. Web of Hate
  68. West 47th Street: Mentally Ill and Homeless
  69. What The Bleep!? Down The Rabbit Hole
  70. WW2: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Soldiers
  71. You Can Heal Your Life
  72. Zen: The Best of Alan Watts
  1. 2057: The City of the Future
  2. 3D Printed Guns
  3. 9 Minutes Before Space
  4. Age of Big Data
  5. A Gift for the Hackers
  6. A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy
  7. An Original Maker: Paul Elkins
  8. Arduino
  9. Around the World in 90 Minutes
  10. Astrospies
  11. Battle of the X-Planes
  12. Beyond Human
  13. Brave New World with Stephen Hawking
  14. Build It Bigger: Floating City
  15. Building Gods
  16. Can You Hack It? Hackers Wanted
  17. Car of the Future
  18. Carrier
  19. Controlling the Web
  20. Cyberwar
  21. Das Auto: The Germans, Their Cars and Us
  22. Download: The True Story of the Internet
  23. Drone On
  24. Dubai Palm Islands
  25. Estonia: Life in a Networked Society
  26. Everything is a Remix
  27. Failed Inventions
  28. Fighting in the Fifth Dimension
  29. Free The Network
  30. Freedom Downtime: The Story of Kevin Mitnick
  31. Fusioneer
  32. Future By Design
  33. Future Intelligence
  34. Game Changers: Steve Jobs
  35. Gaming for Life
  36. Gearing Up
  37. Get Lamp: The Text Adventure Documentary
  38. Google Me
  39. Greatest Mysteries of WWII: Hitler’s Stealth Fighter 720P
  40. Great Planes: Boeing 747 and 777
  41. Hackers: Outlaws and Angels
  42. Hackers World: Anonymous Investigation
  43. Holes In Heaven? HAARP and Advances in Tesla Technology
  44. How Facebook Changed The World: The Arab Spring
  45. How to Build a Beating Heart
  46. Human v2.0
  47. I Lost My Job
  48. In Its Image
  49. Internet Archive
  50. In the Realm of the Hackers
  51. Inside The Mind of Google
  52. Internet Rising
  53. Inventions That Changed the World
  54. James Burke: Connections
  55. Log Cabin Simplicity: Recrafting Pioneer Tiny Homes
  56. Megaship: OOCL Atlanta
  57. Modern Marvels: Carbon
  58. Modern Marvels: Surveillance Technology
  59. Nano: The Next Dimension
  60. Networked Society: On the Brink
  61. On the Line: A History of Ericsson
  62. Panopticon
  63. Playing God
  64. Project Code Rush
  65. Reach for the Skies
  66. Revolution OS
  67. Rise of the Machines
  68. Science of Surveillance
  69. Seven Wonders of the World
  70. Shinkansen: The Japanese Bullet Train
  71. Sky Archaeology
  72. Smartest Machine on Earth
  73. Space Station Tour
  74. Space Tourists: Do humans Belong in Space?
  75. Surviving a Car Crash
  76. Technology: World War 2.0
  77. Terms and Conditions May Apply
  78. Tetris: From Russia with Love
  79. The 2nd Assassination of JFK
  80. The Betrayal by Technology: A Portrait of Jacques Ellul
  81. The Code
  82. The Computer Programme
  83. The Culture Of Reddit
  84. The Genius Sperm Bank
  85. The Internet Must Go
  86. The iPod Revolution
  87. The Machine That Made Us
  88. The Pirate Bay: Away from Keyboard
  89. The Race For The Future Car
  90. The Science Behind the Bike
  91. The Six Billion Dollar Experiment
  92. The Thorium Dream
  93. The Virtual Revolution
  94. Thorium: An Energy Solution
  95. Tunneling under the Alps
  96. Understanding Electricity
  97. Web 3.0
  98. Web Warriors
  99. Welcome to Macintosh
  100. Who Killed America’s Biggest Gadget?
  101. Wired: South Korea
  102. World Island Wonder
  103. World Trade Center