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In August 2011 a contest promoting one brilliant online strategy game, Defense of the Ancients (Dota) 2, took place in Germany. It provided the biggest award fund to date ($1.6 million) drawing attention to skilled players from around the globe.

Just a decade ago competitive gaming was not existent. You would play for amusement against your best friends, for a cup of coffee, soda, beer or whatever you/they wanted.

From there, online competitive gaming started and suddenly you weren’t just trying to be the best in your neighborhood, now you’re trying to be one of the best on the planet. That transformed competitive gaming, set a whole new standard, and one of the games that made a difference was Dota.

Dota is kind of a mixture of soccer and chess. It is a game of momentum. You as five players attempt to compete against the other five players for momentum. Every single player is in control of one unit and the essential goal of the game is to wipe out the last enemy structure which is named the “Ancient.”

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