The Radioactive Waters of Fukushima

Experts expect that the Fukushima Dai-ichi catastrophe in Japan could cause nuclear radiation poisoning worldwide, and workers at the nuclear power plant say death from radiation poisoning is inevitable. A Google search for Japanese nuclear radiation poisoning revealed widespread panic-buying of iodine in the USA, in order to help prevent thyroid cancer.

This commentary is about preventing nuclear radiation poisoning resulting from radioactive water that Japan dumped into the Pacific Ocean. People living on the west coast of the USA are very concerned about millions of gallons of highly radioactive water that has spilled into it.

The risk for radiation poisoning is higher than high, especially in Japan. The danger of radiation poisoning is extreme because the tsunami-damaged nuclear power plant at Fukushima Dai-ichi has been discharging large amounts of water, which was used for cooling reactors, and it’s teeming with high levels of radiation.

Water that’s charged with high levels of radiation has been spilling unabatedly into the Pacific Ocean as of March 26, 2011.

A Google search for Japanese radiation poisoning opened a March 14, 2011 Fox News report about it. Not only that, but the Google search revealed that the damaged nuclear power plant disaster is causing a panic buy-out of iodine tablets in the USA, as an anti-radiation remedy, over fear of radiation poisoning.

The Japanese nuclear meltdown signaled alarm about global radiation poisoning. Another Google search turned up a quote by the USA Surgeon General, who said, “Be Prepared” while he was in California back in the first part of March. USA Surgeon General’s warning terrified Americans, which resulted in a panic buy-out of over the counter anti-radiation drugs because of nuclear fall-out fears

The tsunami-damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, because of a massive earthquake off the coastline of Japan, has brought about attention to dangers of radiation poisoning.

A Google search uncovered a Fox News report that said nuclear fuel rods were partially exposed, which is why some people in the USA might panic about a meltdown–one that, experts say, would send radiation drifting across the Pacific Ocean.

An untold number of Japanese people were hospitalized for radiation exposure because of the disaster. Some USA citizens are in a panic about radiation poisoning spread in the USA, especially after a series of hydrogen explosions damaged nuclear reactors and put the reactors at increased risk of radioactive core meltdowns, a Google search revealed; in the aftermath of the devastatingly large 9.0 magnitude Japanese earthquake.

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