Undoer or Savior: Toxic Mold Illness

Mold – we confront it all the time, but how much do we actually know about it? The documentary has been made as a part of a student’s degree from the University of Plymouth.

Mold is mighty, it’s always besides us, it accompanies us from the very birth till the death. It accompanies us everywhere in everyday life and most of us don’t even notice it or remove it. Mold is dangerous and can induce mold illness, not only because of its presence but because it excretes enzymes that are highly toxic to the human body.

Various types of mold are known to cause disease in the human body, other are harmless. Watch this short documentary to find out which strains of mold can induce mold illness, how to find out if your house is infested by mold, how to avoid it or remove it. This film clearly pictures the dangers of living in a moldy house and it’s a must watch for everyone that has a chronic illness – especially a chronic pain syndrome of unknown cause or chronic fatigue syndrome.

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